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Using your natural firelighters

• Place a natural firelighter amongst paper in the middle of your fire grate, chimenea, fire-pit, wood-burning stove etc.
• Lay your lovely dry kindling against the firelighter to make a pyramid shape.
• Light the scented wick of your natural firelighter.
• When the kindling is fully lit place fresh kindling on top followed by your chosen fuel type.

Safety warning

• Please always remember that the natural firelighters are NOT candles and under no circumstances should the firelighter be used as such.
• Never leave your natural firelighters unattended when lit.
• In an emergency extinguish with a wet rag.

Natural Pinecone Firelighters

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Product Size: 6

Wight Apothecary natural firelighters are made in using only four natural ingredients: locally sourced pine cones, cotton wick, natural soya wax, high-grade essential oils. They are non-toxic and produce 90% less soot than petroleum equivalents, making them for cleaner and safer for you and the environment.
Each wick is beautifully intertwined around a natural pinecone set in a base of soya wax, lightly infused with essential oils, making them a wonderful gift for any season.
Perfect for summer festivals and gatherings of friends around the campfire or for use in your home fires on a cool winter’s night

Handmade with love by Island Artisans

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