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Coconut flour, is a luxury that any sensitive or choosy dog will thank you for buying them, whilst it is grain free so suitable for everyone, it is also CRAMMED full of vitamin C which is a powerful and vital antioxidant, which help your pooch rid its system of any toxins caused by natural rancidity caused by certain food products (especially helpful if feeding a kibble diet) and Vitamin B6, which is key in red blood cell production, nervous system function and hormone regulation.

With no Salt or Sugar added, our Crumble offers your canine best friend natural sweetness from coconut and human grade 100% additive free and all-natural peanut butter, which in itself offers a whole host of benefits including a punch of protein, aiding and supporting the production of amino acids needed for skin and hair health, muscle development and cartilage and tendon growth and maturity.

​No additives or preservatives are put into our products. We only use human grade ingredients and therefore ask that our products are stored in the fridge and the use by date on the packaging is followed to ensure that this delightful addition to your dog’s diet is served at its best. We suggest serving sizes of 20g per meal or enrichment activity however for medium and larger breeds, you are welcomed to up this amount.

​Coconut Crumble is available in100g and 200g bags, meaning dogs of all shapes and sizes are taken care of. It can be an excellent addition to enrichment activities and work extremely well with lickimats and other alternative feeding methods. Coconut Crumble is suitable for Puppies and Dogs over 8 weeks of age, however all animals should always be supervised whilst eating and enjoying treats. As with all treats, COCONUT CRUMBLE should be fed in moderation, and fresh drinking water should be always available and freely accessible.

Ingredients: Coconut Flour, Pumpkin, Chia, Flaxseed, Coconut flesh


Coconut Crumble 200g



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Product Size: 200g

Following the amazing success of our flagship product PROTEIN PAWS, we are extremely proud to present our new luxury food topper, COCONUT CRUMBLE. 100% all natural and GRAIN FREE, a decadent addition to any meal, crammed full of Vitamins, Potassium and Calcium. Our coconut crumble topper, is made with only human grade ingredients, and will leave the choosiest of Dogs wanting more. Increasing the palatability and aroma of a meal in a more natural and health promoting way. We are fully compliant and registered with trading standards. Delicious, home baked, in small batches at our Isle of Wight home. Made by Dog lovers for your loved dog.

This product comes in two sizes: 100g and 200g at £6 and £11 respectively. Ordering this product will give you 200g of Coconut Crumble,

Handmade with love by Island Artisans

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