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Ingredients: Isle of Wight Honey

Store at room temperature

Not suitable of infants under 12 months of age

All honey will crystallise over time but this will not spoil the flavour. Place the jar somewhere warm eg in a bowl of warm water, to return it to its runny state but do not boil!!

Runny Honey

Sold by: Tipsy Wight



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VAT (included where applicable)


Award winning honey from the Tipsy Wight Farm!

Here at the Tipsy Wight farm we are lucky enough to have a thriving apiary full of busy honey bees. We use honey in two of our liqueurs but because our hives are so productive we are able to share the deliciousness in jars of runny honey! Our bees forage in our wild flower meadows and woodlands on the banks of the River Medina, creating a divine floral honey that is simply heavenly! All our honey is cold extracted and filtered straight from the comb to ensure that it reaches you with all the natural goodness and flavour intact, exactly as nature intended.


Each jar contains 227g runny honey


Handmade with love by Island Artisans

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